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UK Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Welcome to Pink Bridesmaid, on this website we have all of our beautiful dresses available online direct from our UK bridal shop in Wrexham shown in pink, peach or red. With over 70 styles to choose from with a great selection of over 100 colours you and your ladies will be spoiled for choice.

J'adore Bridesmaid Dresses

The quality of the J'adore Bridesmaid Collection is exceptionally high, and we're confident we cannot be matched on quality and price anywhere online or on the high street. We offer a one dress refund policy or sample loan service so you can see the quality before you buy or you're of course welcome to come in store and see or try the dresses on. All dresses are double lined and fully boned for support, meaning that once adjusted for the perfect fit for your bridesmaid the dress will not gape or need pulling up throughout the day.

J'adore offer a choice between invisible zips or corset backs. We normally recommend going with the invisible zips for chiffon because they look nicer, satin or taffeta styles look nice with either. The corset backs or lace up backs are exactly that, you do not have a zip instead you tie the back like a shoe lace, going from top to bottom and tying in a bow at the last loop. You can either have the bow on show or you can tuck in under the panel, corset backs are a good way to try and avoid alterations on the bodice (or if your ladies are expecting their weight to change last minute), because you can just tie it tighter or let it loose depending on the fit. They won't guarantee not needing alterations though, just there's less chance. Please let us know if you would like a lace up back or invisible zip at the time of ordering.

Pink, Peach or Red Dresses

We will send swatches of your favourite colours before your dresses are commissioned with J'adore Bridals, that way you will know that your dresses will be absolutely perfect in exactly the right shade of pink, peach or red for your wedding.

J'adore have a fantastic range of colours to choose from and they have over 18 shades of pink available in chiffon alone, there are several shades of peach and corals and 5 shades of red. When including the colours in satin and taffeta as well you're virtually guaranteed to find the perfect shade for your bridesmaids.

A lot of our brides are choosing chiffon dresses in quite desaturated colours at like Dusky Pink with Victorian Lilac at the moment for the vintage look, it's a classy colour that works well in all seasons. Coral is a popular shade especially for our brides getting married in Mexico or Greece, it's a brilliant colour for the summer and beach weddings. If you're choosing red, Scarlet is more popular than the traditional claret, it's becoming a nice colour to mix with a secondary colour for an unusual twist to surprise the wedding guests.

Mixing Colours

It's becoming more popular to mix your colour choices up and go with 2 or 3 colours for your wedding day. To get away with this successfully you really need to have a base colour otherwise it will become too busy and too much. The base colour could be ivory or black, or it could be your favourite shade of pink. It's easier to go with Ivory as your base colour and then add 4 or 5 shades of pink or red to your decorations and dresses, or go with pink as your main colour but decorate with purple or blue details.

The best way to get the perfect colour matches are to make a mood board or Pinterest account and put your designs and swatches together and see how they work when put all together in one place. If it's too crazy then you need to tone down some of the secondary colours, lose one of them or go for a more neutral base.

The complementary colours for pink, peach and red are blues and greens, so it's always nice to use a turquoise with red, or a sage with baby pink. As long as you're careful with your choice of hues and saturation levels meaning that the colours you choose are similar in tone, you should be able to mix almost any colour with your chosen pink, red or peach, you just have to be careful mixing the three together because they can clash.

Spring Weddings

In the spring it's often nice to go with more gentle colours to reflect what's going on with nature. So pale pinks, peaches, overall blossom colours work nicely with the season. It's not a strict rule, at the end of the day rules are there to be broken so you can always go for a bolder colour, it's upto you, but for a traditional, springtime look the pastels always look nice and natural and pretty.

Summer Weddings

If you're going for a beach wedding or getting married abroad then coral is definitely a good colour to work into your wedding colour scheme, it's a lovely colour against the golden sands, blue skies and turquoise sea. There's no need to restrict it to just beach weddings, we've had a number of brides get married in country clubs, churches and hotels with coral as their primary colour and the photos are stunning. It's an unusual colour and works well in the summer with it being bright and warm but without the intensity of other pinks and peaches. Scarlet and brighter reds are also nice colours to work into a summer wedding. It's often best practice to avoid using darker colours in summer but again you can always break the traditional rules. Hot pinks, candy and raspberry are also nice shades for summer weddings.

Autumn Weddings

With the colourful changes occurring outside in the Autumnal months it's a good idea to tone down your colour palette. Pinks can clash with oranges so you need to be careful using pinks especially if you plan to have lots of photos outside. Peaches can work in autumnal months, or rich colours like salmon, just try and have more warmer orange shades and they'll work in well together. The deeper and darker reds and dark rose shades will work lovely in an autumn wedding, so check out the clarets, burgundys, wines and bordeauxs for a lovely, rich and elegant look that will work well outside.

Winter Weddings

In winter red is always a popular choice for how bold and festive it is. Because it's a blank canvas outside with very little going on with nature you can choose pretty much any colour scheme and it'll work well with the season. Bold colours work well to give the wedding some life and colour, but pastels and pale shades can work nicely to offer the promise of spring not being far away. It's really a case of anything goes in the winter months, if you're planning on getting married in a ski resort or are hoping for the gift of snow on your wedding day then it's worth trying to keep everything white instead of ivory, otherwise any snowy shots will make your ivory decorations or dresses look off white and possibly dirty.

Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

We have a variety of dresses available with lace overlays or decoration to complement classy, traditional or vintage weddings. The lace is available in any colour, most of our ladies choose to have the lace in the same colour as the dress, but you could have it in your secondary colour. The other option is to have it in lace, black or a metallic colour. Pinks and reds work well with gold, pink also works nicely with silver, but peach will work better with greens rather than a metallic shade. Because J'adore offer so many shades of lace the pattern on the lace can alter depending on the shade of dress and lace you choose for your bridesmaid dresses.

Matching Your Men

We're able to match your men thanks to J'adores fabric service. When ordering your bridesmaid dresses you can order the fabric in to make rouches or ties for your men so the colours match perfectly. Our seamstress can make rouches in store for our brides for £15 a set, or you can buy the fabric for £10 a meter if you would like to have them made locally. Please note: Chiffon is not suitable to make rouches or ties, if you are choosing a chiffon shade we will match the colour up to the closest shade in satin or taffeta for you.

Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Unlike the majority of designers in the bridal industry, J'adore do not charge extra for their plus size bridesmaid dresses. The dresses they make are all high quality and double lined with full boning within the bodice for supporting your bridesmaids shape regardless of their size. When ordering you'll need to take your bridesmaids bust, waist and hip measurements. Quite often they will be different than the size chart with their bust fitting one size and their waist another. It's easier for a seamstress to take a dress in rather than letting it out, so we always recommend going with the biggest measurement, so if their bust is the size up from their waist then order that size so the seamstress can just take the waist in slightly for the perfect fit for her body shape. Almost all the dresses will need a small dart on the bust when they arrive so some small alterations to take the dress in shouldn't cost a lot from a reputable seamstress. Letting a dress out can be much trickier, the dresses come with a good 1-2" seam on the inside so if your bridesmaid changes shape or size from the time of ordering then the seamstress can unpick the seam and let it out, it's not a major issue. If your bridesmaid puts on more than the seam will allow however it becomes problematic, the seamstress could add a corset back to the dress which can give 3-5 inches extra, or they could make a panel. The panel option can look messy though, both would need extra fabric so it's worth buying a meter of matching fabric as a just in case if you think one of your bridesmaids might change size before the wedding.

Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Most modern weddings aren't complete without having a pregnant bridesmaid or a bridesmaid planning on getting pregnant. If you have a pregnant lady in your wedding party don't panic, the normal rule of thumb is to go up two dress sizes. Like we mentioned above it's always best to go for a bigger size and take it in than go for a smaller size and have to let it out, especially if the bridesmaid is approaching the last trimester and is seeing her measurements change daily. Go for a comfortable style for your pregnant lady, empire lines that go in under the bust are quite comfortable for many ladies. Because of the variety of styles we offer we can always mix and match different bridesmaids into different styles but have them made in the same shade of pink so they all tie in together on the wedding photographs. It's worth bearing in mind your maternity lady might feel left out or sidelined in a different dress than the others, so if you're giving her a different style consider encouraging your other bridesmaids to all wear different styles to each other as well.

Different Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses

All of the J'adore dresses come in over 100 different colours and are not just limited to pink, red or peach, see our dresses in different colours on our other popular websites Green Bridesmaid, Blue Bridesmaid and Purple Bridesmaid.

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